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Hear Our Story


Hear our Story

What are the lived stories of residents in Saginaw, Michigan? From the removal of the Annishinabeg peoples, to the re-lined location of Black and Brown peoples, to the dissenfranchisement of peoples due to economic and education inequalities, people are important to the continuing story of Saginaw, Michigan.

The Hear Our Story project is dedicated to creating a community story project that examines everyday people living in the Bay, Saginaw, and Midland counties of Michigan. Its mission is to collect the stories of everyday people from the Great Lakes Bay Region and to share them with the world. Hear Our Story specifically seeks to include participants whose stories would otherwise go unheard.

The stories of everyday people from this area are crucial to how the Great Lakes Bay Region was formed, why it is what it is today, and perhaps how we can shape its future into something great. Too often, though, these stories go unheard. If these stories are not gathered, a valuable part of this regional culture could eventually disappear.

The lived lives of people shape and influence us. The decisions and choices we make shape others.

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