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Saginaw Valley State University
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Saginaw, Michigan


Saginaw, Michigan.

Saginaw is not a city by the bay - that would be Bay City.

Saginaw is not a city in the middle of the state - that would be Midland.

Saginaw is a city that historical meaning for different peoples. Lumber. Auto indistry.

Saginaw is a city that also can be on the cusp of a new vision - Innovative. Clean energy. Environmentally adept.

  • Housing - tiny homes that reduce the footprint on land and utilities
  • Utilities - solar and air sources, that are directly connected to homes
  • Food - urban gardens and co-op grocery stores for self-sufficiency

And these new vision areas generate jobs. BUT it is important to remember that the jobs require forward-thinking. How do we generate the interest? The current structure must be rethought and systemic, structural, community-friendly changes must happen. Quality of life for everyone in the 48601, 48602, and 48607 should be balanced with the desire for economic support from businesses. Jobs equate to education and training. Will our higher education partners work with us to realize our vision? Will employers offer training and experience in innovative activities?

Who are those leaders who are ready to shape the true future of Saginaw? How do we remove the box that is hampering their revisioning? What strategies are needed to include all Saginawians in the plan?



Innovation does not happen in a box. The square peg must reshape the round hole.

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