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Center for Community Studies


The Center for Community Studies was set up to function as a repository, a focal point, and a connection.

The Center for Community Studies is a clearinghouse and research venue for issues impacting our communities.

Repository: Retaining and maintaining important historical records.

Many non-profits don't have a system or process to manage or store their records. The Center can assist them by digitizing records for future access.

Focal Point: Working as an umbrella organization for community partnerships.

Some organizations are too small or too unique to be included in larger initiatives. The Center can elevate them and vocalize their needs and concerns.

Connection: Serving as a gathering point to collaborate on community issues.

Neighborhoods and communities need to see their historical and current connections to facilitate communication. The Center can help build bridges by helping change perspectives through knowledge, education, and information.

The Center looks to impact the community in varied ways:

A separate website was set up to enable community involvement and solicit community voices. It is called "Hear Our Story," and is similar to the NPR's StoryCorps podcast series.

We study, investigate, and analyze in order to understand, and then share that understanding.

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