Fenobia I. Dallas, Ph.D.
Professor of Rhetoric and Professional Writing
Department of Rhetoric & Professional Writing
Saginaw Valley State University
7400 Bay Road
University Center, MI 48710

International Connections


Accra, Ghana

I first visited Accra, Ghana in 2015, after my university began a sister-institution relationship with Pentecost University College (now Pentecost University). My brief time there was eye-opening and awe-inspiring. I was visiting a country that I had been led to believe by media, popular culture portrayals, and elision from technical writing textbooks as poor, backwards, and dependent upon Western handouts. What I found was a country and people vibrant with culture, history, generosity, and a thirst for knowledge.


Pentecost University

This sister-institution of Saginaw Valley State University has been quite receptive to my interests in teaching with them. Formerly Pentecost University College, PU (or PentVars as called by the students) has grown in many areas over the past five years. Their programs have expanded to health care fields, in addition to some of the traditional programs of study.



In 2017, I felt I was asked to conduct a week-long seminar for about forty college-age students who were connected with a non-government organization (NGO), called Passionate Africa Leadership Institute (PALI), on professional writing. I prepared by creating a 40-page  workbook that would cover the week-long seminar instruction. It was called “Knowing Leaders of Yesterday :: Teaching Leaders on Today :: Becoming Leaders for Tomorrow.”

We talk to understand; we share to inform; and we listen to know better.

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