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Saginaw Valley State University
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Local Spaces


Local Spaces: Saginaw, Michigan

A brief history of Saginaw, Michigan

The site of what later became the city of Saginaw was originally inhabited by the Anishnabeg and/or Sauk. The councils of The Three Fires: Ojibwe, Pottawatomi, and Ottawa, inhabited this area also. In 1835, Saginaw County was established. Two cities had been established as Saginaw City and East Saginaw, which were consolidated into the current city of Saginaw in March, 1890.


Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.

My overall community service initiatives align with Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., a social service organization in which I maintain membership. The goal of Sigma Gamma Rho is to ensure the health and wellness of our communities is supported, encouraged, and maintained through volunteer service to sorority-defined outreach programs, and local community organizations. The local graduate chapter, Gamma Psi Sigma Chapter, continues to contribute to community programs and projects, volunteering and serving in these signature areas:

  • Operation BigBookBag
  • Women's Wellness Initiative
  • Project Cradle Care
  • Annual Youth Symposium
  • Swim 1922

Planning Commission

The city of Saginaw provides many opportunities to serve in the community. I currently serve as Chair of the Saginaw Planning Commission. Prior to that, I spent 11 years serving on the Carrollton Township Planning Commission.

The Saginaw Planning Commission is composed of nine members – six private citizens and three ex-officio members. The Commission reviews and approves site plans, requests for special uses, and makes recommendations to the city council on street and alley vacations and requests for rezoning or zoning code text changes. In regard to special uses, there are certain uses that the commission can approve only after a public hearing. These uses normally require review to determine that they will not have a negative impact on the neighborhood.


Grant Writing Workshops

As a service to the community, I have facilitated a number of workshops on the process of grant writing. Propsective participants were asked to consider these questions:

  • Are you interested in learning how to write a grant proposal?
  • Are you interested in securing funding for a community organization??
  • Are you interested in finding ways to build our community???

We talk to understand; we share to inform; and we listen to know better.

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